Structure Your Business

The structure of your business may be influenced by many factors including:

  • Type of trade or investment;
  • Where you trade or invest;
  • How you trade i.e. ecommerce or physical services;
  • Joint venture arrangements;
  • Number of business owners and/or investors;
  • Whether an importer/exporter;
  • Type of intellectual property;
  • Development requirements; and
  • Your personal and family objectives.

The structure for a lifestyle business may be different to one you are building to sell or maintaining for future generations.  We help start ups as well as mature businesses ensure their external structure and internal processes are correct to meet your objectives. For example:

  • Where it is intended to sell a business corporate governance and internal processes need to be sufficiently robust to ensure a smooth due diligence process and limited warranties and indemnities.
  • Where the intention is for family member to be involved, the structure of ownership may take various forms includeding, shares with different rights or ownership through a trust.
  • If raising investment, it might be important to consider return and risk and security level as well as agreements allowing arbitration and smooth exit in case the relationship doesn’t work.

We will guide you through the important issues, maintaining a commercial approach to build a long-lasting relationship you can rely upon.

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