International Tax Specialists

International Tax Specialist

Improved communications and technology have enabled more people and businesses to operate globally.  You may wish to trade, set up an office, invest, or relocate overseas for work or personal reasons.  We can help you understand the implications both in the UK and the target jurisdiction. Our assistance may help when considering commercial structuring to mitigate tax whether trading, holding intellectual property or providing services.

Examples of situations where advice could be provided:

  • Family relocating to a low tax jurisdiction, whilst maintaining UK business interests
  • Individual taking up a full-time employment in Russia
  • Property investment structuring in Spain, Portugal, France, US, Romania, Bulgaria, Brazil
  • Wealthy individual relocating to Switzerland
  • Establishing a consortium between fruit growers and marketeers in thirteen different jurisdictions
  • Holding of intellectual property and licensing across multiple jurisdictions
  • E-commerce trading across multiple jurisdictions

Case Study 1: Cross-Jurisidictional Tax Planning

We were approached by a soft fruit packaging and marketing business regarding advising on the establishment of a consortium between thirteen businesses in different countries. Our remit was to identify the most suitable jurisdiction for the consortium to be established. We reviewed the legislation and tax treatment for each jurisdiction as well as the countries that they held double taxation agreements with.

We advised which jurisdictions would be more efficient for the consortium to be based from and how it needed to be established and operated.

Case Study 2: Residency Status Advice

Charles and his wife Alison had decided to leave the UK and looked to become residents in Gibraltar. They held shares in a company that operated several UK hotels. The move was driven by personal reasons such as efficient schooling of their children and leaving the UK during the exit from Europe.

We assisted with advising on:

  • Personal residency status in the UK
  • The ownership of the company
  • Management and control of the company and its residency status for corporation tax purposes
  • Provision of tax efficient management services
  • Provision of services in the UK
  • The establishment of non-UK commercial business

Advice was provided with the long term aim of selling the business and short term goal of ensuring UK tax exposure was legitimately managed.

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