IHT & Estate Planning

Protecting wealth is about identifying life events and risks and planning for them in advance.  Our proactive process considers your objectives for family wealth during your lifetime and after.

Planning the passing of wealth to the next generation is complex, especially if that wealth is to grow for more generations. We work with families to understand their current and future wishes and needs. We will explore different potential future scenarios to ascertain what level of control or protection over wealth is desired.

We will help you build a strategy to pass assets in a way that meets the family objectives and is also tax efficient. That strategy may evolve over time and we will proactively review your objectives to ensure family wealth has the best opportunity to benefit those you want it to.

Philanthropic objectives

For many, contributing towards charitable causes is an important element to their goals.  The desire may be to make donations to existing charities, whilst for others they desire creating a specific charitable trust. Whatever the chosen route we can provide advise and assist with structuring and managing operationally. We have experience being professional trustees and non-executive directors and can also complete annual accounts and reports to the Charity Commission.

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