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Property Investors

Have you just started letting property or are you an experienced investor looking to take the next step?

Regardless of your experience we can provide advice on appropriate structures and provide regular updates on legislative developments to ensure you remain compliant.


Many individuals, partnerships, companies acquire rental property, seeing is as a good investment over the last 15 years. Far from a simple case of completing self assessment tax returns, edge recognise this is a complex area where many separate taxes interact. Specifically Inheritance tax, SDLT, CT, CGT, VAT and also STRT.


Planning is about looking forwards to structure a property portfolio in the most efficient manner that takes account not only of immediate short term goals in taxes, but structures your portfolio in a manner that considers your long term goals and needs, whilst protecting your legacy for future generations.


At edge, we recognise that planning to these ends is not a one size fits all solution. Rather than simply suggesting quick fix “limited company” solution, your private edge tax manager will consider the particulars of each individual’s situation and long term goals before suggesting how to proceed.


Increasing the complicated legislation and broader anti avoidance solutions, as well as substantive changes which are brought overseas investors within the scope of UK property taxation.



Residential property may not always be the most appropriate investment and edge will also advise you on potentially tax advantage structures such as furnished holiday lets, commercial or agricultural property or woodlands.

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