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Have you been sent a notice to complete a tax return or have you received money which you need to tell HMRC about?


Whether you receive dividends from investments, let property or have sold an asset chargeable to Capital Gains Tax we can provide advice and assistance with your tax return.  We also provide advice for sole traders and individuals looking to plan for retirement or safeguard their assets for future generations.


The world of tax is complicated and ever-changing.  Many individuals are not aware of their legal obligations, what reliefs may be available or what type of tax is due.  We can assist with your personal tax compliance: preparing accounts, filing returns and contacting HMRC on your behalf.  We also offer advice on how you may better structure your tax affairs and the tax implications of the available options.  Your personal tax manager will discuss your concerns and goals and develop a bespoke solutions to meet your needs.


At Edge we continually build on our expertise and keep abreast of legislative changes, HMRC focuses, and case law and what these developments can mean for our clients.


If you would like to discuss you goals in detail and how we may be able to help you, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Why not get in touch and let us develop the right plan for you.

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