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Are you looking to reward your employees or are you unsure of what employment status might mean for you?

We work closely with clients to understand their requirements and provide in depth reviews of working practices.


Over the course of a business lifetime, most employers can expect a PAYE compliance check from HMRC. It is therefore good practice to periodically undertake a review of your current working practices. However PAYE reviews should not be undertaken merely in anticipation of an inspection from HMRC, but rather, a prudent employer will wish to ensure that they are also operating the most efficient structures.

Edge can assist by reviewing and ratifying your current tax and NIC treatment of wages and benefits provided to employees and officers. We can also work with you to identify tax efficient remuneration models and benefits as well as those that would be suited to the long term growth and objectives to the business.


Should the business find itself in a situation where it needs to reduce its workforce, edge can work with you to understand your statutory obligations in respect of redundancy, as well as the changing income tax and NIC rules that apply to proposed outplacement packages.

In addition recent years have seen broad changes to what are widely known as the IR35 rules, not least of all the recent off-payroll working rules applying to the public sector. Further changes are expected in the coming years as the treasury seeks to increase its revenue streams.

In this dynamic and changing environment, it is therefore important to conduct detailed and regular employment status reviews.

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